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SNSD: Paparazzi GIFS

SNSD Paparazzi gifs. Some are made while I listened to the sped-up version of Paparazzi, so they’re a tad faster.. The file size of the gifs are quite large so you have to wait for the them to load. OT9 for the win. For screencaps, go here.

SNSD: Paparazzi

SNSD  Paparazzi Screencaps for my header. For gifs, I’ve posted it here.

“Hide and seek no Every night”

“Motto ii kiji hoshi kunai?”

“Itsudatte anata ga Boom Boom Boom”

“Negan mo tsukerare yashinai ai wo”

“Yakuso to mitai gamen mo Uh la la la”

“Himitsu no Kiss no suriru de hara hara”

“Punkadelic crazy night”

“Tokimeki Star no Searching Light”

“Bad Boy Bad Girl kinishinai”

“Odorasareru yori odoru ga Style”

“Mitsukattara saigo Boom Boom Boom”

“Uwasa ga uwasa ni tobi hishite irai”

“Dono koi mo kegareta koi nande”

“Achi de mo kochi de mo Boom Boom Boom”

“Mirareteru hodo kagayaku wada kara”

“Hikaru Diamond ni kawaru made”

“Life is a party~ Yeah, yeah!”

ㅋㅋㅋI’m sorry I can’t protect you..

P.S JeTi’s matching clothes and the way they high fived. YoonYul’s singing part. Made for ace shippers, the best mv ever, but SooTaeNy lost quite a bit of weight? And.. One of Yoona’s eyes is always bigger than the other.. And.. Many awesome moments are not captured. The small little cute arrow at the bottom of every screencap…….don’t mind them, blame my laziness. Lastly. Yoona forever.

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